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Founded in 1981 with the mission to provide its clients with an energy saving door, Nergeco entered the market with the customized Productivity Door. The high speed and short open/close cycle of this door helped conserve energy by reducing air exchange between rooms. Since then, Nergeco has continuously improved upon the product offering by introducing a soft-bottom edge to enhance safety. Nergeco continued its expansion by developing models suited to the specific needs of various industries, including food processing and clean room applications.

Why Nergeco?

Nergeco high performance doors are designed to help you cut energy spending up to 30% at each opening / closing cycle… How? By reducing the exposure time when a vehicle or person passes through. Nergeco’s Intelligent Curtain® reduces the time the door is open because it is designed to open “just in time“ and to close twice as fast with lower risk of incidents! This is how it will reduce your expenses in heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and air processing.

A Brief History


The Customized Productivity Door
Nergeco International formed in Dunieres, France in 1981 with a new concept of flexible, high-speed motorized traffic doors. Nergeco combined the airtight and thermal resistant properties of rigid doors with the fast opening and closing offered by flexible doors. This was the first Productivity Door. It gave full room on ground level just in front of the load while maintaining thermal separation at the top during opening-closing cycles. With endless opening and closing the productivity door saves enough energy by reducing the exposure time to offer its pay-back within one or two years depending on the number of daily cycles.


Soft Bottom Edge
These high-speed doors increased traffic-flow, which led to more impacts at the bottom of the door curtains. To solve this problem, Nergeco introduced the soft bottom edge. The new curtain is harmless and virtually shock-proof, reducing repair and maintenance costs.


Janus Design Award
Nergeco is recognized with the Janus Design Award by a jury of 50 independent experts. The award is given to innovative products of functional design that focus on the needs of the user and their surroundings.


Innovation Award
Nergeco is recognized with the Innovation Award for its flexible closure edge.


Nergeco adapts its Productivity Doors® with the soft bottom to additional trades, processes, and sites. New versions were introduced for food processing, cold chain and clean room applications.


Protocol of Maintenance
Nergeco finalizes its Protocol of Maintenance to guarantee regular, reliable and economical service of all Productivity Doors®. The Nergeco Service Company can also service other equipment including rigid doors and dock levelers.


Customized Production
Nergeco finalizes its concept of Customized production to deliver each Productivity Door® just-in-time with cost-efficiency and reliability throughout 90 countries.


The Intelligent Curtain
The fully new Intelligent Curtain® by Nergeco reduces the time doors are open because it is designed to open “just-in-time” and to close twice as fast with fewer risks of incidents! It has been proven to reduce expenses in heating, air conditioning, air processing, cold generation, repairs and maintenance.


The Entrematic Group
In 2015, Nergeco joins the Entrematic Group. Entrematic offers a comprehensive range of products for industrial, commercial, institutional and residential applications, including sectional doors, loading dock equipment, high-performance doors, residential garage doors, pedestrian doors, gates and barriers, and automation and operators. The company aims to be the preferred partner for distributors and installers by providing innovative products, technical expertise and the complementing portfolios of our specialist brands.

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